Popp Bandstand

This year makes the 100th anniversary of the Bandstand, which was dedicated on July 4th, 1917 during a wartime festival.

With 12 granite columns and topped with a bronze dome, Popp Bandstand was named for is benefactor, John F. Popp, and is a replica of the Temple of Love in Versailles. In 1916, Popp made a donation to the park to build the Popp Bandstand (located between the Peristyle and Morning Call), which was designed by architect Emile Weil. It was created as a bandstand for live performances but when musicians were not playing, families would gather there to watch the “vitascope”, one of the first types of motion picture projectors.

Proceeds from Martini Madness 2017 will benefit the restoration of Popp Bandstand.