5 Ways to Celebrate Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here!

This year, with all of our plans and expectations, flipped upside down, you may be wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day. While it’s not the celebration we may have hoped and planned for, it’s times like these that bring us closer together and make us realize what is truly important in life. And isn’t that what Mom is always trying to do, bring us closer together?

During these moments, we are called to lean in and create new memories and traditions. As your Friends of City Park, we want to share some unique ways to celebrate and honor Mom. Here’s a list of five activities and gifts we know she will enjoy!

Plan a Picnic in City Park

With an abundance of green space, City Park is the perfect location to find a beautiful, shaded picnic area. All you need is a blanket, a picnic basket or tote bag, and mom’s favorite things to snack & sip on. Like Mom always says, remember to pick up any trash and to stay safe by following CDC social distancing guidelines.

Create an Outdoor Escape at Home

If you feel most comfortable celebrating at home, create an escape for mom in your own backyard! You can purchase a variety of plants and garden gift items online from the New Orleans Botanical Garden Gift Shop. For more information on the plants and availability, contact Pelican Greenhouse Plant Sales at 504-483-9437 or email plants@nocp.org.

Plan a Family-Friendly Competition

It’s a great time to stay in shape and to get active with your family. Map out a family walk or fun run in City Park and choose a route that highlights mom’s favorite spots in the Park. Enjoy this time together and experience City Park in a new, unique way that is special to you and your family. Friendly competition and prizes are always encouraged!

Plan a Roadtrip to Look Forward To

Time spent together is the best gift you can give your mom. There is no better way to show your love than to plan a family trip together. Use this time to research and plan the road trip you’ve always dreamed of. Win brownie points by entering mom for a chance to win a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek Premium. Raffle tickets are $75 and only 750 tickets will be sold. The winner will be announced on July 22, 2020. After all, love is what makes a Subaru, and love is what makes a mother.

Take Photos Together in City Park

What does a mom love more than photos of her children? It’s a great time to dress up and have fun with a photoshoot in City Park. The wildflowers have bloomed and make a gorgeous backdrop to any photo. If you feel most comfortable at home, we have a solution! Plant City Park wildflower seeds in your own yard for mom to enjoy every day by donating to Friends of City Park between May 5 and June 1 through Give NOLA Day – Friends of City Park.

However you plan to celebrate Mom, the most important thing to remember is, it is the thought that counts.  Whether you are together in New Orleans City Park or on a Zoom call in your living room, being thoughtful and letting her know how special she is will mean the most to her.

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