Adopt a Piece of the Park

Adopt a Piece of the Park

The Adopt a Piece of the Park volunteer program at New Orleans City Park promotes long-term partnerships between large groups and City Park administration to maintain and beautify our 1,300 acres. Park adopters can be groups of individuals (10+), neighborhood associations, community groups, school clubs, and businesses.  Park adopters work with our Chief Development Officer and Volunteer Manager to develop expectations, create a work plan, and schedule workdays. We work with you to create a plan that works with your interests and level of commitment! We provide support, technical expertise, and coordination with City Park departments. Adopt a Piece of the Park is an annual commitment.

​​Who can adopt a piece of the park?

​​​​​​Adopt a Piece of the Park is a great way to unite neighbors, businesses, employees, and civic organizations to help maintain and beautify an area of the Park. School clubs, community groups or local businesses are great Adopt a Piece of the Park volunteers! Your group commits to volunteering together at the same place throughout the year. Park workdays can take place twice per year, once per month, or more often depending on the Park needs.​ These group workdays will be facilitated by staff with all supplies provided.  If your group or business would like to take a more active role in caring for New Orleans City Park contact us today.

  • Businesses
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • School/Civic Groups
  • Individual Groups of 10 or more

What types of projects do Park adopters work on?

You will work with the Volunteer Manager to create a plan customized for you and your designated area of interest. Typical projects include maintaining gardens, removing litter, mulching trees, spreading wood chips, weeding, and removing invasive vegetation. We work together to coordinate projects that align with your interests and the Park’s needs.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment depends on the area that is adopted. Generally, an Adopt a Piece of the Park workday lasts two to three hours depending on the project, along with workday frequency. Volunteers can also work on pre-approved projects at their own leisure. Park adopters are expected to commit to their piece for at least one year and are encouraged to return year after year.

How much​​ does it cost?

Adoptable areas and investment opportunities will be announced in September 2020. 

​​How to get involved​

If you are interested in adopting a piece of the Park as an individual group, as a neighborhood or with your business, contact Friends of City Park at friends@friendsofcitypark.com or fill out the form below.  Please include pertinent details such as what level of commitment you are interested in, how often you expect to work in your adopted area , and how many individuals would participate.

Adopt a Piece of the Park Inquiry Form

What Areas are Currently Available?

  • Wetland Area/Bioswale, Festival Grounds (Medium-High Maintenance level project)
  •  Bioretention Parking Lot & Surrounding Islands (High Maintenance level project)
  • Couturie Forest Parking Lot (Medium Maintenance level project)
  • Butterfly garden, Couturie Forest Bridge (High Maintenance level project)
  • LaBorde Mountain at Couturie Forest (High Maintenance level project, large scale project)
  • Mona Lisa Road areas: Entryway to Mona Lisa Rd. (Medium Maintenance level project)
  • Mona Lisa Rd. Parking Lot (High Maintenance level project)
  • Mona Lisa Rd. (Medium Maintenance level project)
  • Wisner Tract Parking lot on Harrison (Low Maintenance level project)
  • Entry bridge to Scout Island off of Diagonal Drive (Medium Maintenance level project/(High Maintenance level project in summer)

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