City Park Door Hanger

Our Exclusive City Park Door Hanger is Here!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Home Malone!

The majestic live oaks are the crown jewel of New Orleans City Park. Bring your favorite piece of the Park home with this beautiful, one of a kind City Park door hanger by Home Malone.

Order your very own City Park door hanger today and show your support for Friends of City Park. As always, your support benefits our mission to maintain and increase the value and importance of New Orleans City Park as a place of natural beauty, culture, recreation, and education for the public. The Park needs support now more than ever and your purchase will help to spread awareness and remind locals of the Park they know and love.

Home Malone is generously giving 50% of each purchase back to Friends of City Park when purchases are made through our website [CLICK HERE!].

This plastic door hanger is a waterproof and fade-proof print of a painting by New Orleans artist Kristin Malone. It measures 20 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 1/4 inch thick. The door hanger comes with a 24-inch ribbon for hanging.

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City Park Tours

Bridges in New Orleans City Park

If you are looking for a little adventure or a little history, then this self-guided tour is for you. In this story map, we have put together a bit of information about our collection of pedestrian and road bridges. Over the years the wooden bridges have been upgraded, while the stone bridges still stand; but the strongest structures were built during the Works Progress Administration (WPA). As you go along on this journey you can keep track of each bridge that is provided in the map, and view pictures of each bridge that were taken by historians, visitors, or park staff. After you stroll/scroll through this tour, you might cross over your next bridge with a different point of view.

City Park’s Most Instagrammable Spots

Photo by Paul Morse

If you’re looking for the best photo locations in New Orleans City Park, this walking tour is for you!  Trek to the Park’s top photo-op spots for an envious feed. Don’t forget to tag us – @FriendsofCityPark 

Free City Park Snoball for Members

Cool off with a City Park Snoball! To show our appreciation, we are offering members one free snoball during our virtual Friends’ Fest event.

When: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: City Park Snoballs is located on the plaza between City Putt and the Great Lawn

How: Members must present their valid membership card in order to claim. One snoball per member.

If your membership card is expired, please visit the Tolmas Center or City Putt to renew your membership.

City Park Craft Projects

Create fun craft projects that remind you of New Orleans City Park with these three downloadable activities.

Botanical Garden Butterfly

Everyone loves to spend time in the New Orleans Botanical Garden Butterfly Garden. Did you know October is butterfly month? Keep your eyes peeled in the early autumn months for the many types of butterflies all around the Park who have been growing all spring in their cocoons. In the meantime, make your own colorful butterflies at home.

Big Lake Frog

City Park is full of frogs in its 11 miles of lagoons. You may not be able to always see them but if you close your eyes, you can hear them make a symphony of music especially at sunrise and sunset.

Spring Time Wildflower

A few times a year, City Park fields bloom with wildflowers. The cosmos flowers are orange, pink, white, and purple. The Park is full of color and both people and bees love them.

Share your artwork with us! Tag @FriendsofCityPark #FocpFriendsFest

Scavenger Hunts

New Orleans City Park Scavenger Hunts are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while exploring new parts of the Park. It’s such an easy activity to prepare for as well. Just print these four documents and start hunting! 

Use your senses to see if you can find all of these items.

See if you can find all of these native trees in the New Orleans City Park.

Do you know that the leaves on the forest floor are filled with things that are alive? Find a spot off the beaten path and push some leaves aside, look under a few rocks, or turn over a few logs and see how many of these critters you can find!

See if you can find all of these well-known treasures in the Park!

Tag us in your Scavenger Hunt photos! @FriendsofCityPark #FocpFriendsFest

City Park Coloring Pages

Create your own beautiful art of New Orleans City Park with these three downloadable coloring pages from New Orleans Artist, Troy Grzych. Take a break and have some fun with this free collection. All the coloring pages are designed specifically for Friends of City Park Members with beautiful designs that will make you smile and remind you of days in the Park. 

Three coloring pages of various skill levels for children, adolescents, and adults available for download. 

Meet the Artist

Troy M. Grzych is an Artist, an Illustrator, and a Graphic Designer.  Troy has drawn since the day he was first able to grip a pencil and commit his scribblings to paper.  For nearly a decade he designed Tabasco clothing and apparel for Chiliwear LLC.  Since then he has been employed at Faux Pas Prints, a Screen Printing, and Embroidery company as the Head Artist and Art Department Manager.  In addition, he has also worked for numerous Freelance clients in the surrounding area to help bring their visions to light. Born in New Orleans, currently resides in Metairie, LA with his beautiful wife and 4 amazingly talented kids. 

Share your artwork with us! Tag @FriendsofCityPark #FocpFriendsFest

Storytime in Storyland

Written and read by Kathleen Schrenk

This reading is done with permission from Pelican Publishing Company

Click Here To place a special order of the Case of the Left-hand Trombone

Meet the Author

Kathleen Schrenk is a graduate of Louisiana State University, a former middle school teacher, and a native New Orleanian. Her children’s books include The Case of the Left-hand Trombone and A Dog Steals Home (Pelican Publishing 2019 and 2017). She has been published in Arthur Hardy’s Mardi Gras Guide and Six Hens magazine. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Women’s National Book Association.

Wilbur the City Pig lives next door to the author and was the inspiration for Walter in The Case of the Left-hand Trombone. When he is not solving crime, Wilbur enjoys foraging for acorns, relaxing in his wading pool, and dancing to New Orleans music.

Learn more about author, Kathleen Schrenk by visiting her website HERE

Learn more about Wilbur the City Pig by visiting his website HERE

Learn more about illustrator, Vernon Smith by visiting his website HERE

To Purchase the Case of the Left-hand Trombone directly click HERE

Illustration by Vernon Smith

The Power of Parks


He is a writer of historical fiction, a career educator, a civic leader, and a Friend of City Park.  His family’s impact on New Orleans cuisine is unparalleled.  And during the Covid-19 shutdown, we caught up with him as he reflected on sweet memories of his family and the park he holds dear. 

In mid May, New Orleans native, Dr. Edgar Chase, III, pulled up to City Park during his favorite part of the day.  Despite it being 7:50 a.m., the fields of orange, yellow, pink and purple wildflowers were teaming with admirers.  With his mask on and a hot cafe au lait in hand, Edgar greeted every person he passed as he made his way to the front of the fields. Taking in a long contemplative look at the people enjoying the blooms, he let out a sigh and said, 

“I like to see families enjoying themselves. Can you imagine a more beautiful sight to behold especially during these times? This park is a healthy environment for all generations to enjoy life. New Orleans is lucky to have this.”

Edgar has held many important roles in Louisiana academia.  Most recently, he had been in the top academic seat at Delgado Community College’s program for entrepreneurs, 10,000 Small Businesses, and previously led facilities planning and management for Dillard University.  Since his retirement in 2013 he spends his time writing and supporting his family as they run their legendary restaurant, Dooky Chase. Like most Americans during this period, we found Mr. Chase with a little extra time on his hands. 

“I’ve been riding my bike or walking through the park, because my knees no longer permit me to jog. It is my favorite way to take in the outdoors. I start by bicycling from my home in Treme using the Lafitte Greenway and enter City Park along North Alexander Street at the entrance across from Ralph’s on The Park. The quiet ride allows me time to observe nature and all the creatures God has put on this earth for humans to interact with and enjoy.”

Like his family, Edgar appreciates the opportunity to push the boundaries. His mother, Leah Chase, is known for expanding the family restaurant’s offerings from a sandwich shop to include several Creole dishes which would become iconic menu items that are renowned to this day.  In the 1960’s Dooky Chase restaurant became more than a Treme landmark by contributing to the civil rights movement and offering a safe haven for organizers.  

Within City Park’s footprint, there are many ways one could push the boundaries. The 1,300 acres are as magical and unique as that red carpet, art-clad spot on Orleans Ave. The outdoor oasis, historic oaks, and numerous pathways allow you to get lost in the feeling of nostalgia. 

“My favorite places are always the lesser traveled paths. I cherish the opportunity to discover places I had not observed before and City Park has so many.”

Couturie Forest is the perfect place to escape and discover something new. It is a nature-lover’s haven filled with native trees, scenic waterways, and fascinating wildlife. The forest is a great place to wander with your family and take-in the park’s rich, natural landscape and ease the anxieties of today’s reality.   

“I do not recall when, but once I traveled far into the forest to do volunteer work planting trees and plants with my granddaughters. They needed a few volunteer hours to graduate from high school and they brought me along. I always thought that if I had more time, I would go back to that spot in the forest and spend some peaceful moments watching for birds and insects.” 

The Chase family is a staple in this city. They are a tight knit group who have supported each other through generations and who have the gift of making others in the community feel a part of their special family.

“I have so many cherished family memories. I can really visualize my upbringing as I venture through the various places here {in City Park}. I remember my family members (some of whom are deceased) on blankets tossed on the grounds near the ponds and bayous that flow through the park. I can see the times we went horseback riding. I can recall the hope we had that if my grandchildren took up tennis that we might have the next Arthur Ashe or Serena Williams to cheer on.”

City Park is a place for New Orleans families and has been since 1849. It is a place that is symbiotic with the way we live our lives here. It is a powerful place that has the ability to heal your troubled mind through nature and restore memories as you take in the beauty.  You can see that power when you witness the families gathered in the early morning light to admire the wildflowers.

“Supporting this powerful place and being a member of Friends of City Park means that I am a part of something bigger than myself. I am a part of a community that values the beauty of the natural environment, where families can interact in the hardest of times. It is a beautiful sight to behold.”    

Virtual Friends’ Fest 5k

Friends of City Park is excited to announce the very first Virtual Friends’ Fest 5K Race. 

What is the Virtual Friends’ Fest 5K? It’s a way to safely experience the beauty of City Park and stay active with the camaraderie of Friends of City Park members and supporters. 

Participants will register through our online race registration platform. The registration fee of $30 includes a race bib and a finishers medal. 

Runners must complete the 5K route of their choice or use our route in New Orleans City Park during the week of July 18-26. After you have completed your 5K route, submit your official time, and you will receive your Friends’ Fest 5K medal by mail.