City Park Tours

Bridges in New Orleans City Park

If you are looking for a little adventure or a little history, then this self-guided tour is for you. In this story map, we have put together a bit of information about our collection of pedestrian and road bridges. Over the years the wooden bridges have been upgraded, while the stone bridges still stand; but the strongest structures were built during the Works Progress Administration (WPA). As you go along on this journey you can keep track of each bridge that is provided in the map, and view pictures of each bridge that were taken by historians, visitors, or park staff. After you stroll/scroll through this tour, you might cross over your next bridge with a different point of view.

City Park’s Most Instagrammable Spots

Photo by Paul Morse

If you’re looking for the best photo locations in New Orleans City Park, this walking tour is for you!  Trek to the Park’s top photo-op spots for an envious feed. Don’t forget to tag us – @FriendsofCityPark