How can I become a Friends of City Park member or renew my membership?
You can purchase a membership or renew online, by calling (504) 483-9376. You may also join or renew at the Botanical Garden and Storyland entrance–the Oscar J. Tolmas Center–at 5 Victory Ave, or at City Putt at 8 Victory Ave.

If I purchase a membership today when will it expire?
Your membership will expire one year from the last day of the month the membership was purchased. For example, if you purchase a membership on 9/22/2020, the membership will expire 9/30/2021.

Will I be notified when it is time to renew my membership?
You will first receive an email from us 60 days before your expiration date. You may renew at that point or wait until closer to time. If you choose to wait, we will then mail you a renewal letter to the address you have provided. If your membership still has not been renewed in that time frame, we will send you another email and another letter 30 days before your expiration date, giving you plenty of opportunities to renew! If you need to update your email or mailing address, please call us at (504) 483-9376 or email us at

If I renew before my expiration date, will time be deducted from my membership?
You will always receive a full 12 months of membership. Renewing early will help us reduce the amount of renewal reminders we send you.

Once I join, how soon will I receive my membership card(s)?
Please expect to receive your membership card(s) approximately one week from your date of purchase. Until you receive your card(s), you can use a photo ID and a printed confirmation from your online purchase as temporary proof of membership.

Who should I list on my membership?
You may list up to two adults, within the same household/immediate family, on each membership.  We do not list the names of your additional guests, caregivers, or children on our membership cards. The Senior Individual and Individual level memberships will only have one name listed on the membership card, as those levels allow perks for only one individual.

How many membership cards do I receive with my membership?
If you list two adults living at the same address, you will receive two membership cards, one for each of you. If you list one adult, you will receive one membership card. There is a maximum of two membership cards per membership. If you join or renew at the Senior Individual or Individual level, you will only receive one card.

Can I use my duplicate membership card as a separate membership to cover extra guests?
No. A duplicate membership card is issued for the convenience of your household not having to share one card. In the event that your level of membership only covers two adults and both adults are present, no additional adult guests are allowed under your membership, even if you present two cards.

I have two named adults on my membership card; in the event that the other named individual on my membership card is not with me, am I allowed a guest entry for the individual that is with me at the time?
If your membership level is Individual Plus, Family, Family Plus, Patron, or Ambassador, and your card lists two adults on it, in the event that one of the named adults is not present, a guest may access the perk instead. At least one of the named adults must be present to utilize the membership perk, and the membership card may never be passed off to another individual that is not named on the card. Family Plus, Patron, and Ambassador do allow for one additional guest (per membership, not per card; two cards do not represent two separate memberships).

Can I put the membership in my child’s name?
Membership cardholders must be at least 18 years old.

How will I be able to utilize my membership if I have lost or misplaced my membership card?
Once you are a member, your information is entered into our database. With your photo ID, most locations in the Park can access that database to pull up your membership.

How can I replace my lost/stolen membership card?
If your card has been lost or stolen, you can call (504) 483-9376 or email us and we can issue a new one.

How do I determine when my membership expires?
Your expiration date is printed on the upper right hand corner of your membership card. Once the membership expires, so does the card; when you renew, you will receive a new card with a new expiration date printed on it. If you do not have your card and need to know when you expire, please give us a call (504) 483-9376 or email us   

The membership I purchased comes with additional event tickets. How do I receive my tickets?*
In order to receive your event tickets that are provided with your membership level (Patron or Ambassador) you must contact the Friends of City Park office at (504) 483-9376 to reserve your tickets no later than 48 hours prior to the event. We will reach out to you via email prior to the event reminding you of your free tickets. If you are a Patron or Ambassador member and we do not have your email address on file, please let us know. *This is not applicable for Celebration in the Oaks, as no advance tickets may be issued for this special event.

How can I buy a gift membership?
You may do so online Or you may call (504) 483-9376 to purchase via phone.

How do I upgrade my membership and how much will it cost?
The cost to upgrade will be the difference between your current membership and the upgraded membership. For example, if you have a Family Membership ($75) and want to upgrade to the Family Plus Membership ($125), you will pay $50. Upgrading your membership does not RENEW your membership. When you upgrade, your expiration date will remain the same. To upgrade your membership, call us at (504) 483-9376.

How does the babysitter privilege work? What membership would I have to buy to be able to use it?
The babysitter privilege comes with the Family Plus, Patron, and Ambassador memberships. The privilege only allows your children and the babysitter/caregiver to enter the facility. If someone is using the “babysitter privilege” be sure to send them with your membership card and a note stating that they have permission to use the membership. The “babysitter” will also need to provide their photo ID.

I am not receiving Friends of City Park emails. How can I begin to receive them?
To begin receiving Friends of City Park emails, you may sign up on our website at the bottom left in the Sign Up section by entering your email address and hitting Submit or you may call (504) 483-9376.

Is any part of my membership purchase tax deductible?
No part of the membership is tax deductible. Please note, per IRS regulations, all charitable organizations must provide a written disclosure statement concerning quid pro quo contributions over $75. Our good faith estimate of fair market value of this membership is equal to or greater than the cost of the membership. Please contact your tax adviser for further guidance.

It’s been over two weeks since I joined or renewed and I have not received my new membership card(s); what should I do?
We process memberships relatively quickly in our office; however, we cannot always account for the post office, so if you have not received your new membership card(s) in a reasonable amount of time, do not hesitate to call or email so that we may reissue them to you.

If you have additional questions, please call (504) 483-9376 or email

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