Hit the (Virtual) Streets on GiveNOLA Day!

Blog by Stephanie Bell, Executive Director of Friends of City Park 

As the City of New Orleans and neighboring Parishes begin to ease the Covid-19 restrictions we are starting to see life return to some normalcy.  You can once again sit down at a restaurant. You can visit a salon, and you can even get a workout in at your favorite gym!

City Park’s attractions have also started to open in compliance with proper CDC guidelines.  I know that all the puppies out there will be excited to hear that NOLA City Bark is allowing 30 people (and dogs) in its facility starting this week.  Also, open are the City Park/Pepsi Tennis Complex, City Putt Mini Golf, Bayou Oaks, the Sports Fields, Wheel Fun boat, and bike rentals on Big Lake and, everyone’s favorite, Storyland.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions are in place to keep both guests and staff safe while using the facilities.  During Phase 1 of the reopening, we are unable to coordinate large gatherings and events.  One event that is particularly difficult to miss is our Annual GiveNOLA Day event at the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. Typically, Friends of City Park would gather its Friends on this annual day to rally funds for the Park, all the while flying high with the horses.

Despite the inability to hold an event this year, Friends of City Park is still working towards its goal to raise $25,000 on this day.  In fact, we are halfway there! In early April we were approached by the good folks at Meyer Engineers and they offered to match all GiveNOLA Day donations up to $5,000.  Through the hard work of the Friends’ Membership and Marketing staff, we were able to garner quite a bit of support when the Greater New Orleans Foundation opened scheduled giving on May 7th. 


Although we are well on our way we still need some help to reach our goal of $25,000.  We plan to do that by enlisting YOU to be a part of our (Virtual) Street Team. 

A Street Team is a marketing term used to describe a passionate group of people who ‘hit the streets’ promoting an initiative. In a world where in-person interaction is discouraged, we have decided to arm our Street Teams with everything they need to help us achieve our GiveNOLA Day goal from the comfort of their homes. That’s right, you can help City Park and volunteer by participating in our (Virtual) Street Team, all from your PJ’s! 


Volunteering as part of our (Virtual) Street Team is easy. The Friends of City Park staff have put together a few items to make your job amplifying our message as easy as sending a text.

 Your (Virtual) Street Team instructions include: 

Use the blurbs below to share our GiveNOLA Day message on June 2nd.

We even provided you multiple versions of the verbiage so that you can spread the word on the platform you prefer. Click the link below that suits your communication style: 


So, what are you waiting for?  Become a part of Friends of City Park’s (Virtual) Street team, help us create some buzz, and achieve our fundraising goals for the Park.  Your contribution whether it be amplifying our message during GiveNOLA Day, or just loving City Park in general, does not go unnoticed.  It keeps the Friends of City Park staff going and it keeps the Park going too!

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