In Memory of Philip Campbell

In memory of Philip L. Campbell (Colonel USA Retired) and with your help, an installation of a bench with a plaque in Couturie Forest will help create a serene and reflective place for our community. 

Phil married an Orleanian, Patricia (Patsy) Quintas, attended Tulane for ROTC, and was a graduate of UNO. Throughout his 32 yr. Army career, Phil lived  and visited many years in New Orleans; and in 2015 he and Patsy, in retirement, returned to live in N.O. 

Phil spent the last five years volunteering in City Park; first assisting with Celebration in the Oaks, and then worked to help volunteer groups maintain the beauty of City Park.

Phil would often take his children and grandchildren to enjoy the serenity and beauty (and fun!) the park offers. His family enjoys Celebration in the Oaks and his children have been visiting Storyland nearly every year since the late 1970’s.

We hope to be able to create a quiet respite in honor of Phil Campbell in Couturie Forest. The Forest is the perfect place to escape from the city without ever leaving town! Combined with Scout Island, the 60-acre Couturie Forest is a nature-lover’s haven filled with native trees, scenic waterways, and fascinating wildlife – all in the heart of New Orleans.

Phil and Patsy Campbell are proud members of Friends of City Park, and hope you join them in donating to the second largest city park in the United States.

“Phil Campbell was a devoted City Park volunteer since 2015.  Without fail, he would show up twice a week for 8 hours each day no matter what the weather or project and help out with any tasks available.  He began volunteering at the Celebration in the Oaks warehouse then gravitated to more horticulture-based projects from 2017 onward. One of Phil’s favorite places to volunteer was Couturie Forest, in which he helped out with numerous projects over the years such as mulching, clearing trails, painting, carpentry, invasive tree/plant removal, and tree planting.  He was a tireless worker and an invaluable help in leading volunteer projects in our forested areas and all over the Park.  Phil regularly engaged with numerous City Park staff members and volunteer groups over the years and he will be dearly missed by all.  There is no doubt that he left City Park a better place than when he found it.” – Tyler Havens, City Park Volunteer Manager

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