The Lois Pendergrass Memorial Oak Fund

The Lois Pendergrass Memorial Oak Fund

In honor of Lois Pendergrass and with your help, a beautiful 300-year live oak tree in Couturie Forest will be named after Lois, along with the installation of two benches to create an enchanting and reflective place for our community.

Lois Pendergrass grew up in New Orleans, and spent the greater part of her life devoted to the city. Most notably, she’s been a tireless force in rebuilding post-Katrina, with her work as a leader on the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute and in collaboration with many governmental and institutional boards. In recent months, she’s decided to dedicate the last of her charitable efforts to supporting one of the city’s greatest public spaces – City Park.

We hope to be able to create a haven in honor of Lois Pendergrass in Couturie Forest. The Forest is the perfect place to escape from the city without ever leaving town! Combined with Scout Island, the 60-acre Couturie Forest is a nature-lover’s haven filled with native trees, scenic waterways, and fascinating wildlife – all in the heart of New Orleans.

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