Volunteer to Support City Park’s Recovery


Volunteer to Support City Park’s Recovery
As Hurricane Ida dominates our thoughts, we keep in mind that recovery is tough, and it takes time. Please know that our commitment to maintaining New Orleans City Park for the community is strong and unwavering. We have weathered many storms together and this one will be the same.  

In an effort to bounce back quickly, volunteers and community support are needed long after the cameras and attention are diverted elsewhere. It’s never too soon to take action and be prepared to volunteer to support City Park.  Here are a few pointers for getting involved.

Please don’t show up unannounced. Just because you can access the Park doesn’t mean you should. Showing up announced can add to the chaos and could potentially be unsafe. Wait until specific needs and opportunities have been identified. This way you will be appropriately trained and supported to respond in the most effective way.

Sign up now. You don’t have to wait until there’s a clear project ready for volunteers, to communicate your interest in getting involved. Friends of City Park operates a volunteer project website that is updated daily.  Register now for volunteer efforts to be notified when recovery projects have been added.

Friends of City Park offers a variety of experiences for our volunteers.  Our annual fundraisers and regular Park maintenance would not be a reality without the dedication of our generous volunteers, who assist with everything from event decorating to landscaping.

If you are interested in volunteering in one of our many opportunities, please contact friends@friendsofcitypark.com for more information or click on the opportunity you are interested in below.

City Park Clean-Up KrewesHappening each week, join your fellow community members to help the Grounds and Horticulture Department maintain the beauty of New Orleans City Park.

Adopt a Piece of the ParkThe Adopt-a-Piece of the Park volunteer program promotes long-term partnerships between large groups and New Orleans City Park to maintain and beautify our 1,300 acres. Park adopters can be groups of individuals (10+), neighborhood associations, community groups, school clubs, and local businesses.

Fundraising EventsInterested in lending a hand at Friends of City Park fundraising events?  We’d love your help! Volunteers are crucial to the success of our events because they help things run smoothly and ensure that every attendee has a great time.


New Orleans City Park has developed an extensive volunteer program for those interested in refurbishing the park’s green spaces.  If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity with City Park, please contact Tyler Havens, the Volunteer Director for City Park, at thavens@nocp.org. Click here to check out the volunteer page on City Park’s website.

Super SaturdaysTypically on the first Saturday of each month, City Park hosts a community volunteer day for citizens of all ages to attend.  The projects vary from month to month and have previously included:  trail mulching, painting, planting, shoreline cleanup, catch basin cleaning, special event help, and more.  For more details please contact Tyler Havens (Volunteer Manager) at thavens@nocp.org.  You can also check our Super Saturday web page here for dates and general information. 

Botanical garden – The Botanical Garden is looking for select volunteers experienced in gardening, horticulture, and landscaping at this time.  Please reach out to Mark Menuier (mmeunier@nocp.org) or Kathy McNamara (kmcnamara@nocp.org) for more information.  

Volunteering with groups – To register your group at City Park, please contact Tyler Havens (Volunteer Manager) at thavens@nocp.org.  There are many projects at the park that will vary depending on the financial contribution, number of people in your group, and the level of difficulty of work the group is willing to embrace.  Typical projects can include: mulching trails, planting trees, removing invasives, painting, gardening projects, and minor carpentry.

COVID-19 restrictions:  Please note that our volunteer groups are limited to 25 people maximum as of January 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Temperature checks, pre-registering, masking, and social distancing are required throughout the projects.  

Litter abatement – A great option for those looking to complete service hours for school, court-ordered hours, or those just looking to make a difference by beautifying their Park!  For litter pickup, you can walk around the Park on your own time to collect trash.  For more details, supplies, and possible areas to focus on, please reach out to Tyler Havens (Volunteer Manager) at thavens@nocp.org.  

Forestry – Come help us out in either Scout Island or Couturie Forest to clear trails, mulch, and remove invasive species.  If you have an interest in this, please email Tyler Havens (Volunteer Manager) at thavens@nocp.org  He can find a time to show you around and get you started in preserving your Park’s forested areas.  This can be a group activity or an activity for solo volunteers. 

Sydney & Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden – People who wish to volunteer in the Sculpture Garden can contact: Pam Buckman – Sculpture Garden Manager at pbuckman@noma.org or 504-658-4153.

Grow Dat Youth Farm – People who wish to volunteer at Grow Dat can contact: Leo Gorman – Grow Dat Field Manager at leo@growdatyouthfarm.org or 504-616-1777.

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