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Our Impact & Why We Care

Since 1979, Friends of City Park has been committed to maintaining and increasing the value and importance of City Park as a place of natural beauty, culture, recreation, and education for the public and has contributed to over 40 improvement projects. Over the last ten years, Friends of City Park has raised more than $3.8 million dollars for projects that include the restoration of the Historic Wooden Carousel, the restoration of the Peristyle, help in funding the construction of City Putt, NOLA City Bark, the Conservatory of the Two Sisters, Marconi Drive Bike Path, and so much more.

Environmental Power

Urban parks, like New Orleans City Park, help mitigate the harmful effects of pollution, encourage biodiversity, help to control temperatures and humidity, and are havens for numerous animal and plant species.

Mental & Physical Health

Access to nature helps us to relax and give us a break from our daily routines. New Orleans City Park is the ideal place for physical activities.

Social Cohesion

New Orleans City Park is the meeting place for neighbors and tourists of all ages. It is a venue for concerts, exhibitions, museums, and cultural values.

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When you join Friends of City Park, you receive perks all year long.

  • Free admission to Storyland, the Botanical Garden, the Spring Garden Show, and the Fall Garden Festival.
  • Discounts on Carousel Garden Amusement Park tickets and season passes.
  • 10% of at Park eateries including Acorn Cafe, Filmore in the Oaks, Parker’s Cafe, and Cafe Du Monde.
  • Discounted access to Park events including Celebration in the Oaks, Lark in the Park, and Ghosts in the Oaks
  • And so much more!

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Volunteer with Friends

Friends of City Park offers a variety of experiences for our volunteers.  Our annual fundraisers and regular Park maintenance would not be a reality without the dedication of our generous volunteers, who assist with everything from event decorating to landscaping.

If you are interested in volunteering in one of our many opportunities, please contact for more information or click on the opportunity you are interested in below.

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