Capital Improvements


Since its inception, Friends of City Park has worked hand-in-hand with the Park to restore major attractions, as well as assist with the building of new attractions!  Friends of City Park holds three major fundraisers a year: Martini Madness, Ghosts in the Oaks, and Lark in the Park. Proceeds raised from these events benefit capital improvement projects within New Orleans City Park.   In addition to monies raised through fundraisers, Friends of City Park makes additional contributions through retained earnings for capital improvements.


Friends of City Park is a vital partner in engaging awareness and raising funds for City Park capital improvements and growth.  Friends operates as a separate entity from City Park, which is a state entity.  Although the Park is a state organization, state funding does not supplement the operational budget.  Currently, only 11% of the Park’s operating budget is state-funded, which leaves the Park responsible for furnishing the additional 89%, obtained through grants and donations.  This is This makes Friends of City Park’s partnership for the growth of City Park essential.

The use of proceeds from Friend’s fundraising efforts is determined by a collaborative effort between City Park and the Friends of City Park Executive Committee.

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The Power of Parks

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Lark in the Park

March 18 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Lark in the Park, presented by Capital One, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in the expansive New Orleans Botanical Garden on Friday, March 18, 2022. Where guests will enjoy a