Capital Improvements


Since its inception, Friends of City Park has worked hand-in-hand with the Park to restore major attractions such as the Botanical Garden, Storyland, the Peristyle, the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park and Popp Fountain. It all started with the creation of the Botanical Garden as we know it today. Friends raised funds to gate the gardens and hire its first fulltime director, Paul Soniat, who is still employed by City Park.

Friends of City Park has been instrumental in the construction of projects such as:

– Pavilion of the Two Sisters
– Bayou Oaks Golf Pavilion
– The Conservatory of the Two Sisters
– Arbor Room at Popp Fountain
– NOLA City Bark, New Orleans’ first official dog park
– City Putt
– New entrance to the Botanical Garden and Storyland
– Splash Park (projected start date in 2016)

Friends has also helped by:
– Purchasing Amusement Park rides and Storyland exhibits
– Buying new maintenance department tractors and equipment
– Refurbishing the Peristyle and Historic Wooden Carousel
– Completion and installation of the new Ladybug


Friends of City Park is a vital partner in engaging awareness and raising funds for City Park capital improvements and growth.  Friends operates as a separate entity from City Park, which is a state entity.  Although the Park is a state organization, state funding does not supplement the operational budget.  In 2009, only 19% of the Park’s operating budget was state-funded, which left the Park responsible for furnishing the additional 81%, obtained through grants and donations.  This makes Friends of City Park’s partnership for the growth of City Park essential.
The use of proceeds from Friend’s fundraising efforts is determined by a collaborative effort between City Park and the Friends of City Park Executive Committee.